MVP Total Classics

I originally started this website to show off the work that the "Total Classics Team" did on the MVP 2005 Baseball game. The Total Classics Team replaced the original teams from the game with 120 "Classic Teams" ranging from 1905 to 2001, and we have continued to build on this foundation of teams. We have replaced several teams from the original set of teams, with teams we thought added more to the overall feel of the game that we were looking for. We have also released several individual season mods, including the 1951, 1956, 1961, 1964, 1967, 1969, 1978 and the 1988 seasons. Also, released was the 1994 season mod of the strike shortened season by Hory.

Since starting this site, I have made several changes, and have now decided on the direction I want the site to go. While working on the 1964 total classics mod with Stecropper, and other members of the team, I had the opportunity to get my sons Nick and Zachary involved, and now my daughter Meaghan. They helped me gather player photos and team logos for the mod. They have all come to enjoy not only the modern game, but learning about the early days of baseball. So, with their enthusiasm and interest in wanting to learn about the game of baseball, and my passion for the game of baseball. I have decided to try to make this a baseball site for fans of all ages.

With the new layout I will be adding teams from 1871 up to the present, but keeping the Old-time Baseball feel. I do realize that this is a large undertaking for one individual. I will be working on this in my free time, so at times things will go a little slow. But I thoroughly enjoy looking back at the history of the game of baseball; and with both of my sons not only interested but involved in this project, I am sure things will go fine. I hope this site will be enjoyed by fans both young and old. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.